Storm Damage Repairs

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 Storm seasons bring lots of lightning, strong winds, and hail that may cause damage to roofs.  Some damage may not be visible now, but a trained professional can detect storm damage when they inspect your home before you start to see a leak inside your home.  If your roof has sustained damage, you may be able to file an insurance claim for the repairs or complete roof replacement.

Insurance companies are very specific in what they need to see in relation to storm damage.  It is important to have a trained professional to inspect your roof to determine if any damage found warrants filing a claim.  We know how to deal with insurance claims and can assist you in determining where you stand if any damage to your roof is found.  To give you peace of mind as to whether you have sustained any storm damage, we can provide a FREE roof inspection without any obligation.  We will inspect your roof, take photos of any damage we find and then discuss with you any repair or replacement work that is recommended and also provide a detailed itemized quote.  

In addition to being able to inspect roof related storm damage, we also inspect your property for other damages such as but not limited to gutters, siding, and interior paint.  All of which home insurance covers.  

If you have had storms in your area and believe your roof has been compromised, do not wait until more problems to your home arise, call us today to get a free inspection. 

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Need help repairing your home after a storm?  Insurance companies may be liable to compensate your damages. 

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